Montcalm High School Student Services are available to every student at Montcalm High School. Services include academic support and guidance, intensive career exploration, and social/emotional counseling.

Jennifer Miller Williams, M.S. is the School Counselor at Montcalm High School and has several years of experience as a high school counselor.

Although appointments are not necessary, students should obtain permission from staff before visiting whenever possible. Parents are encouraged to call the school for phone conferences or to set up face-to-face appointments.

The MHS Student Services website will allow students, parents, and staff the opportunity to stay updated in areas such as testing, scholarships, courses, and character education.

Check this site often for all the latest news from MHS Student Services!

Educational and College Planning

The counselor assists students and their parents with high school educational planning and programming to ensure that students have an appropriate secondary education. The counselor assists students in choosing among post secondary options, both education and vocational. Assistance is also provided in the college selection process by providing information pertaining to admissions requirements, college admissions, scholarships, testing, and applications.

Personal Counseling

The counselor assists students by providing support and guidance to improve school performance. Students’ emotional and social needs are addressed in a confidential, safe setting. These needs may be addressed in any of the following activities: Individual or Group Counseling, Consultation with parents, teachers, and other staff, and referrals to other school resources or community resources.