Useful Tips

These are some useful tips that will be beneficial to students’ success:

Listen and Look! Listen to announcements about school activities or opportunities. Look for the information on your own, if you must. Use this website to keep up with deadlines and opportunities. Ask your advisor and your teachers if they are aware of anything coming up. If they aren’t sure, ask us in the office.

Plan ahead! If you are a 7th Grade student or an 11th grade student, any student, in fact, you should be planning ahead. Look at all available scholarships or programs for any student. See what kind of requirements are held for the scholarship or program you want. Make sure you are eligible to apply when the time comes. The worst feeling in the world is when a scholarship requires a certain GPA and you don’t have it because you didn’t think your 9th Grade classes counted toward anything…….That said,

Apply for everything! Even if you are just close to meeting all the qualifications of a program or scholarship, apply. If there weren’t enough students who met all the criteria, they may look at “bending their own rules” a little. It never hurts to try.